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Friday, October 15, 2010

If I had a hammer...@ Small Stories and Stuff

well, it’s thursday night, and i’m just getting around to my favorite meme, saturday centus. as most of you know, each week jenny matlock over at off on my tangent provides us with a prompt, from which we create a story - or poem - of 100 words or less, not counting the prompt. you may use the prompt anywhere in the piece, but it must remain intact. to join in, just click on the saturday centus link above or use the button my sidebar.

this week’s prompt? “if i had a hammer.....”

why, i cannot say, but this prompt gives me trouble here’s my best shot. you will find the prompt in italics.

If I had a hammer, I could fix this,” Jane declared to the empty room, staring disgustedly at the bent door jamb . “Blast those movers. Scratched my piano while they were at it.”

Jane, of course, did have a hammer, somewhere in the stacks of boxes in the garage, piled so high she could not reach them without climbing on a ladder.

“I told them it was just me, to stack them low. cretins!”

Running her hand through her hair, she thought, “Best I can’t find the hammer, I’d just take it over to The Cheater’s house and bash him in the head with it.”


Viki said...

I liked it. Seems like a very realistic Centus. Good job.

Sue said...

This same theme cropped up a time or two in the hammer centus. I think there may be a few too many cheaters out there!

So this rings true, sadly.


Kat said...

If I had found that hammer, first I would have bashed the movers for scratching my piano. Then I would have visited the Cheater. In for a penny.... Nice take on the prompt! Kat

Cheryl said...

Sometimes your violent imagination scares me. ;)

Anna said...

Why are there so many violent thoughts just because there is a hammer in this prompt?
(In the very last minute of this SC I have an idea that is not violent at all, but I probably will not have time to link it. Maybe I can link it as a P.S. on this week's SC...)

The idea of not being able to find the hammer when you have just moved is very well-observed. Very good. Moving is a time when you really need your tools. But it is also a time when things get lost, broken or stolen in the process. So moving is difficult. Not a bad choice for this prompt.

There is a lovely metaphor in Stephen King's novel Bag of Bones. A best-seller author has writer's block since his wife died and compares the mental preparation for writing a new book with just moving furniture into a new house.

Best wishes,
Anna's SC Week 23

jfb57 said...

Yes much better that she didn't have one I think! Well done & good to see you!

Jenny said...

I hate cheaters.

I hate movers that don't listen.

I hate when you can't find the hammer.

Or the toilet paper.

Or all the anger you need to hold onto sometimes when you're heart is being ripped in two by the memory of the cheater and you can't find the kleenex box of the toilet paper and you have to use your sleeve like a little kid and...


OK. Might have gotten sucked into your imaginary tale just a bit too much.



I liked it.

A lot.