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Friday, March 18, 2011

On The Wings of Love


For today, Melissa has asked all of us who participate in Six Word Fridays to write something about hope, especially for the people of Japan, who are suffering so much loss and who may even be exposed to radiation that will make them sick in the future.
At times like this, hope seems unattainable, but as time passes, the pages on the calendar will drop away, and healing will begin. The irony that this quake and ensuing tsunami could happen to Japan, a nation once exposed to radiation by the bombing of their country, is remarkable.
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Here is my contribution based on hope:

On The Wings of Hope

Hope is in not made of
things or even food and water
or preaching or praying out load.
It is not ours alone but
all of mankind owns it also.
It is deep in our souls
buried in our brains and hearts.
There is no thing called hopelessness.
We must finds hope’s source by
introspection and willingness to set aside
our safe and warm and comfortable
selfishness and reach out to others.
When we send hope to Japan
it becomes real to us and them.
It travels on wings of love
continues on to Haiti and Darfur
and North Korea, Libya and Egypt
in time making it’s way back
to us so we can send it out again.

© cjSchlottman 03/17/2011


Jingle said...

agree with your sentiments.
beautiful delivery.
way to go.

Here is My Entry, Thanks for reading!

Molly @ Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce said...

CJ, I hoped you would come back to Six Word Fridays and you did! Hope works every time.

Kelly said...

Hope definitely feels like currency -- something tangible that can invoke real change in the many lives that need it so desperately right now.

ayala said...

Nice to see you here again. Good post!

melissa said...

Hope bubbling up, swirling, encompassing all.

Thank you for giving your words today!

2bdancing said...

with these tangible intangibles we support each other and ourselves. The wings of love are strong and up and over these hurdles.

2bdancing said...

*and carry us*

Belinda said...

"...set aside our safe and warm and comfortable selfishness..."

This is really what it takes for those of us as privileged as we are. It's easy to write a check then feel good about it. But when we make a real sacrifice, when we give of ourselves, when we give something we want or need, it's more resonant, more meaningful, more lasting and more about strenghtening the bonds that connect us on a much deeper level.

Sue said...

Wonderful thoughts...and well-expressed too.

Thanks, CJ.


Deborah said...

Such a beautiful poem

in time making it’s way back
to us so we can send it out again.

...just beautiful.

melgallant said...

So many around the world need our hope - our help. Your poem is a gentle, eloquent reminder of that.