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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Proud To Be An American

This week’s Saturday Centus prompt from Jenny Matlock is, “Oh, say can you see..”  To find out more and learn the rules for this meme, please click on the Saturday Centus button in my sidebar.  You will also find the other entries there, so read them if you can.  And don’t forget to click over the Jenny’s blog, “ on my tangent...”

So, here is my entry for this week:

Proud To Be An American  

The fireworks display was magnificent, truly beautiful bombs bursting in air - sparkles and flames of color lighting up the night. My family and I were stretched out on our backs on the beach, taking it all in and ooohing and aaahing with each new spectacular flash.  
When the presentation was over, we stood up on our towels and began to sing, “Oh, say can you see...” at the tops of our lungs.  Our untrained voices produced a cacophony of flat notes and missed high notes, but there we were, proud to be Americans even if our country is falling apart.
Maybe there is hope.

© cj Schlottman
July 2, 2011


jeff campbell said...

well done cj!! You are quite patriotic with this, terrible voices and all...Peace and blessings

Judie said...

CJ, I so agree with you. Great take on the prompt.

Anna said...

Nice description of the celebration!
Well done! Often it is best to use the prompt as it is, in this case, as part of a song.
Best wishes,
A Rainy Day in July-Anna's SC wk 61

Sue said...

I surely hope so!

And I loved this piece.


Bookie said...

I loved your patriotic post. It is out of chaos that sense is made sometimes. Wrong notes can work! This country was born out of is bound to flounder here and there. :)

upinthecosmos said...

There are always fireworks to hide the cacophony, sing on... sing! Love it:-)

Dazee Dreamer said...

So, so awesome. I am feeling the same way.

Jo said...

CJ .... there is always hope ... and i loved the feel of this piece, i could imagine being right there with you!

Ames said...

I was right there with ya CJ,proudly singing out of tune. I think we can make a difference at the 2012 polls.Happy Independence Day CJ!~Ames

Tgoette said...

LOL! Nicely done, CJ! Yeah, that's not the easiest song to sing, even with a good singing voice! I'm sure I would be cracking and squeaking my way through it too!

Jenny said...

The notes in our hearts are always true to the spirit of the matter how the notes actually come out!

This was beautiful.

I really loved this CJ

Happy Fourth of July! May your song today be sweet!

The Woodswoman said...

Well said .... been part of that crowd .... hope springs eternal.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Well done! I could visulize the family being moved by the fireworks display and singing in off-key notes. I pray that there is still hope. laurie

Karen S. said...

Great job...and yes we have to know there is always hope...and I think I heard them singing!

Karen S. said...
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Nonna Beach said...

Yay ! So vivid and real. This is very well written and easy to picture myself there, singing my lungs out and standing as a proud American with the family in the story !