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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Over A Cliff

Here is my offering for Melissa's Six Word Fridays.  I'm a day late, but it seems I often am.  To learn more about this creative meme, please click on the Six Word Fridays link on my sidebar.  There you can learn all the rules and read the entries - and yes, post a piece of your own!  Today's prompt is "connect," and here is what I did with it - a poem of six syllable lines.

Over A Cliff

I am unable to 
connect the dots that form
a whole picture of
this mess that is my son.
Stories conflict   plans are 
made   then unmade   maybe
never made at all   just
fabricated in his
quest to manipulate
my world   insinuate
himself back into a
position of power
from which his illness will
infect me   bring me once
more into the cyclone 
of co-dependant craziness
he so craves and that would
drive my life like a run-
away bus straight over
the edge of a steep cliff.


2bdancing said...

I'm sorry your road is rough with your son. But I really like this poem.

Sue said...

I wish things could be better for both of you, CJ. It's good that you can write about these things. I always find it helpful to get my thoughts and feelings down in a poem.


Sara said...

More often than not the dots we are trying to connect are moving targets, making it an impossible task to identify what they really are.

Deborah said...

My goodness this is so well written, I can feel it. It's so very difficult, really hope things get better for you with your son xxx

Melissa said...

Connecting someone else's dots is always a challenge, even if they were straightforward and well. But your words describe the need beautifully.