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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Centus has come around once more, and Jenny has given us 156 words to come up with a piece based on the prompt, “Are you seriously ordering another martini?”  Other than the extended word count, the rules are as usual.  Don’t know the rules?  Just click on the Saturday Centus button on my sidebar to learn all about this crafty meme and read all the entries.  You’ll find links to Jenny Matlock’s other blogs as well.  If you’ve never played with us on Saturday, please come join us!
My offering for today.

i seriously am
martinis are my drug of choice  
i like mine made with ketel one 
frosty cold and straight up   garnished 
with two olives   not fancy ones
   green ones with pimiento inside
the masterpiece arrives in a 
little silver shaker on a 
black enamel tray   the waiter
shakes it and in a display that 
leaves me breathless   pours the elixir 
into my glass   crystal   of course
when the icy rim touches my
lips   i close my eyes and exhale
a sigh as big as montana
i caress the rim of the glass
with my finger   stir the contents
with the olives held captive on
see-through plastic mini-swords 
i prefer my martini served
on a charger   no square paper 
napkin for my regal cocktail
and no one ever has to ask 
“are you seriously ordering
another martini?”
i seriously am
© cjschlottman 2011


Judie said...

CJ, make that TWO! Only, no vermouth for me, and I want THREE olives! Great take on the prompt! said...

I seriously like this, CJ, especially your focus on all the little details (served on a charger, etc.). I'm not a drinker, but this is making me crave a martini.

Viki said...

You really have a way with words about a martini, ha. Sounds heavenly.

beckyp said...

great take on the centus (although I think you cheated because it was suppose to be a conversation unless this is a convo in your head.. yeah that is probably what you were doing so just ignore me) :-)

Ames said...

Now that sounds down right sensual! This should be a commercial for Vodka! Hee hee!! :)~Ames

Deborah said...

Oooh ... you've made me want one! Briliantly written :o)

Wanderer said...

I like your description of the martini and how this person feels about it. Great take on the prompt!

Karen S. said...

Not really a martini fan, but your sweet dialogue in poem voice might change my mind!

jabblog said...

That sounds most enticing - bit early for me, though;-)

Kat said...

Never really developed a taste for martinis, or for most liquor to be honest. But your description of this could probably change my mind. This was wonderfully written. I can see the condensation on the shaker, smell that briny olive. Fantastic use of the prompt! Kat

Dazee Dreamer said...

I have to say, now I want a martini. one for me please.

Sue said...

Okay, it was more monologue than dialogue, but that poem rocked!


Tgoette said...

Ahh, wonderful! You've converted me to a martini drinker! Loved this!

Jenny said...

Wow CJ. I like your totally different take on this!

This felt so different than your usual style of writing...the details were incredible.

Very cool!