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Friday, October 22, 2010

Enough of This Blasted Cast

It’s six word fridays time again, and once more, I’m showing up on time. Melissa at "Making Things Up" gives us a prompt each Friday and with it we may use only six words to say what we want - or, and this is what I usually do - write a poem or essay using only six words per line. This week’s prompt is “enough,” so here goes............(sob)


enough of this right wrist cast

now my thumb is set free

only I still have a blasted

uncomfortable, ugly, bulky cast to wear

getting in my way, making me

hate to type - my favorite thing


melissa said...

Drat! Will it be gone soon?
Or can you decorate it somehow?
(Not that that helps with typing.
But at least it'd be fanciful?)

Molly @ Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce said...

We have enough nuisances in life
But maybe if we change our focus
An impediment can allow us to
Develop new activities...and life perspectives.
At least until the healing's done.

2bdancing said...

I'm sure it feels like forever, but it'll be off before you know it. and you'll have a happy healthy typing hand back. just don't wear it out first thing :)