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Saturday, August 20, 2011

If I Die Young

Yea!  Jenny gave us back the words she has been so stingy with of late.  Her Chakras must be balanced.  For whatever reason, I am glad she has regained her generous ways.  To see all the entries to this superb meme, just click on the button on my side bar.  There you will also find Jenny Matlock’s blog buttons.  Click on them.  You won’t be disappointed!  Here is my offering for today:

if i die young it will be 
at 95 / surrounded
by friends and family
as we take afternoon tea
there will be champagne on ice
lovely luscious lemon squares
salty / spicy-hot cheese straws / 
slices of soft sweet pound cake
i will hold court from my bed /
swathed with sheer silk canopies /
as yards of laughter cut from 
the bolt of my life fade to 
endless stories born of our
intertwined lives / braided of
love / woven into fine cloth 
i will smile / sip tea / wait to
take sweet kisses for each of you /
hold your warm hands in mine /  
cool now as i feel myself
shrink / grow smaller an smaller
sunshine will shimmer through thin
curtains as it begins its
descent / bathing our faces
in soft light of my dying
i will love your forever

© cj Schlottman
August 20,2011


Nonna Beach said...

Absolutely beautiful !

To die in your own bed with your loved ones around you as you slip away is the ultimate dream....such a vivid, splendid vision !!!

Ames said...

Ok you made me cry.

This was a lovely touching post!~Ames said...

This was a work of art!


Dazee Dreamer said...

Every week, your writings are so beautiful and touch me. I loved this and honestly, if I was assured I wouldn't be wearing diapers again, I would love to live to be old.

Tgoette said...

Awww, this was so beautiful CJ! Your word magic knows no bounds and this week you surpassed yourself! Just an amazing piece! Bravo!

Judie said...

CJ, this is such a southern poem, with the lemon squares, etc. I would expect nothing less from you.

Rod's mother, as you know, died young at age 95. The day before she died, she sat up in bed and announced that it was time for wine and cheese.

beckyp said...

beautiful post May you live to be 95 or older

Jo said...

This was completely beautiful and heartfelt and drew up amazing images ... i think my eyes leaked a little while reading ... bravo!!!

Sue said...

So well-written, CJ. You are really honing your craft.


Brian Miller said...

smiles. if i got to go, i think you just wrote the perfect way to do it...

Madge said...

That's beautiful CJ!
Reminds me of a story of a lady who told her family when she was going to die, made a huge meal and invited everyone over. She keeled over on the floor, they ate and enjoyed eachother's company then called the ambulance, because that's how she would have wanted it.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

So many beautiful images in this piece. So well written. I could envision her bed with loved ones around. Excellent. laurie

Jean said...

Simply lovely. So many wonderful pictures you've created for me. Thanks.

Jean said...

Simply lovely. So many wonderful pictures you've created for me. Thanks.

Jenny said...

I am enchanted. This was absolutely beautiful.

as yards of laughter cut from
the bolt of my life fade to
endless stories born of our
intertwined lives

Perfect wrought.

Perfectly touching.

Amazing writing CJ!

jeff campbell said... some reason brought colors to mind...Peace