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Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Not Always Easy

It’s Six Word Fridays time again, and Melissa’s prompt is “easy.”  To learn all about this meme and read the other entries, click on the Six Word Fridays button on my sidebar.  
I’m Writing Under the Influence of Lortab, so forgive me if my words are a little slurred.  To learn about why I’m saying “Yes” to drugs, please visit The Red Sweater.  The last two posts tell the sad tale.
Now, here’s my offering for today.

not always easy
sometimes a piece of work
drips off the ends of my
fingers   slides across my
keyboard & writes itself
at others   words wedged in
creases of my right brain 
   await excavation   
   conveyance to the page
words   my dearest lovers
   my worst of enemies
serve me at their pleasure
& make of me their slave

© cj Schlottman


ayala said...

I like this...sometimes a piece of workdrips..other times ....not so easy!

2bdancing said...

yes. I totally relate to this teeter totter we seem to be on. when it comes so easily, it almost makes the times when it doesn't seem worse by comparison.

Melissa said...

Words, those tormentors of scribes everywhere.
I feel that pain as well.

Sue said...

Ohhhhh, nice one, CJ.


PS. Every writer's been there...

Jenny said...

Lortab and amazing writing - who knew? Hope you're feeling better.

melgallant said...

It's funny how words can pour out so easily and then at other times, stumble and freeze within.

Feel better. :)

jeff campbell said...

This is so good kind of writing...Peace