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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meat Locker @ Small Stories and Stuff

August 13, 2011
Jenny must still be cranky.  She’s done it again - limited us to only 50 words plus the three in the prompt.  All of the other rules apply, and you can find them by clicking on the Saturday Centus button on my sidebar.  There, you will also fine the other entries.  They are well worth the time to read.  Look around at Jenny’s other blogs, too.  There’ some good stuff there.
So, Laugh out Loud is our prompt today.  This one is going to be a challange for me because I haven’t laughed, out loud or otherwise, for several days.  Maybe this will pull me out of my funk, though I really think I need more than 50 words to do it.  (Thanks, Jenny).

Here goes....

I want to laugh out loud
but I am working Saturday
stuck with Snarky Sheila
and Dastardly Dave.
Weekends are their empire
or so they think.
The atmosphere in here?
Well, you could hang meat.
Patient load is light but
mine is not.
Why's it so hard for them 
to be polite?


Dazee Dreamer said...

because they suck and you don't. I loved it.

Cheryl said...

Did this help? Smiles are contagious; laughter is infectious. Screw 'em if they can't take a joke!

Karen S. said...

Why? simply because some people don't know how to laugh out loud!

Judie said...

I'm with Cheryl on this 100% If they can't take a joke.....

Good job CJ!!

Nonna Beach said...

Excellent job !

There is nothing worse than a person without a sense of humor...oh, wait...2 people is worse.

I say just smile, mentally drop kick them both to the curb and have a happy day anyway !

Ames said...

Dull without a sense of humor doesn't mean professional!~Ames

Sue said...

Those two need to get a grip!


Jo said...

Oh I am totally with cheryl on this ... and i feel for ya ... work is always better with a little laughter!

jeff campbell said...

Do I detect a taste of reality in this meat locker? Well done my friend...Namaste

Tgoette said...

My daddy always said "If they can't take a joke, kill them and run them through the wood chipper." Good advice I think. Just don't get caught like daddy did.

Great job this week!

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I bet if you imagined THEM as the hanging meat, you'd smile, at the very least.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Good writing CJ. Hang in there (not like the meat though). I'm sure you'll find something to laugh out loud about soon. laurie

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful Centus!

hinder the tremors

Jenny said...

Because they're dumb...and you're wonderful?

Because they're stupid...and you're clever?

Because we don't like them...and we like you?

Some people are just idiots.

Tape a picture of their faces to a slab of meat.

That might make you laugh in a slightly creeped out kind of way!


This was great!