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Friday, September 2, 2011

Exchange @ Small Stories and Stuff

Each week, Melissa at Making Things Up hosts a meme called Six Word Fridays.  She provides a prompt from which we are to create a six word sentence or a six line poem or a poem with six syllables per line, all relevant to the prompt.  You get the idea.  There are many possibilities.  To get all the rules and read the entries, click on the Six Word Fridays button on my side bar.


my sister and I exchanged identities
she went to the stock exchange
i became an exchange student
then we decided to exchange places
we exchanged books & cookie recipes
waiting on line to exchange currency
we exchanged looks as we witnessed
a prisoner exchange at the airport
disguised as a diplomatic exchange &
we had an exchange of ideas
deciding to exchange directions & start
a recipe exchange &  drop in
at the mercantile exchange on our
way home to exchange ourselves back
© cj Schlottman
August, 2011


Sue said...

clever and fun

made me smile


Sara said...

An exchange of identities - how fun!
Even better is the word play :)

2bdancing said...

that sounds like a whirlwind of exchanges.
"♫the only thing that remains the same is: everything changes♪"

Melissa said...

Exchanges of every stripe. So clever!

jeff campbell said...

Quite interesting indeed...changes and exchanges and more changes...frantic pace...I like...I should try this meme...Namaste

Bethe77 said...

There was quit an exchange goign on there.
Very cleverly done.

Judie said...

I see you have exchanged your pain for some seriously good poetry and humor! Or maybe it's the "good drugs" talking!


melgallant said...

Lots of different exchanges - all with their own meaning, literal and some more layered. Enjoyed reading your words - thank you!