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Friday, September 9, 2011

Your Crooked Smile

There are times when I am 
moved to tears / cannot hold back
the sadness or joy that
catches in my throat /steals
my breath / chokes the words I
intend to say out loud.
The sound of your Texan’s
brogue / your bourbon laced breath
move me to open my 
heart / spill it over you
in kisses / caresses
I save for you alone.
Memories of loss move
me to the edge of
sanity   only to 
loosen their grip when you 
appear in dreams / wake
me with your crooked smile.
© cj Schlottman
September 09, 2011


Adrienne said...

So tender. Wonderful memories, wonderfully written!

2bdancing said...

I always was a sucker for a man with an accent.
They are gone, but we keep them close in our hearts and dreams. I wish peace for you. ♥

Melissa said...

Dreams loosening memory's grip: a comforting thought.

This is tender and vulnerable and beautiful, cj.

Sue said...

This poem really gives the reader a sense of your husband. Thanks for sharing him with us.

melgallant said...


Your love for your husband shines through in these words. Thank goodness for dreams.