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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Elves Rule @ Small Stores and Stuff

Here’s my contribution to Jenny Matlock’s meme, Saturday Centus. Not familiar with this themed writing exercise? Click on the Saturday Centus link above and find out all about it. And don’t forget to check out Jenny’s on my tangent... She’s a wonderful writer. Please take time to read all the entries. You will find some very clever little stories.

This week's prompt is
“Dad has ruined everything. What was he thinking? OMG! Elves are soooo 2009..."

Elves Rule

The rehearsal party was in full swing, and the air was festive with Christmas music from the grand piano in the library. Trays of drinks and hors d'oeuvre were being passed by butlers dressed as elves.

The future bride came in with her fiancé and stomped over to her mother.

“Dad has ruined everything. What was he thinking? OMG! Elves are soooo 2009..."

At that, she looked up and spied Santa Claus at the piano. He winked at her and she rushed over.

“My dear,” he said. “Elves are forever, and so am I.

Then he disappeared into thin air.

© cj Schlottman


Teresa said...

How magical!

It's interesting how many people have made this prompt into a romantic or wedding scenario.

Kudos on a cute Christmas story!

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I wonder if the future groom is the next one to vanish?

And is an inability to believe in Santa and elves an indication of a poor choice in a spouse?

Judie said...

Haha! I like it that Santa just disappeared into thin air! That ungrateful little bride should be thrilled that her dad was actually interested in planning the party! Great take on the prompt!

jeff campbell said...

Very nice job CJ...very sweet and funny...peace and blessings

Sue said...

I was married December 16th, and I kinda wish I'd had your Santa and elves at the party.

This was fun!

=) said...

I really enjoyed this, especially the last lines.

Deborah said...

Oh I loved this, a touch of magic! :o)

Christy said...

haha, love this! love the extra bit of magic

Jo said...

sweet ... i loved the magic of this post!

Koby said...

I love the slice of life with some magic tossed it...(I have a daughter planning a wedding..yikes)

nimaruichi said...

Elves as butlers and Santa at the piano - how lovely!

Rek said...

really sweet and many have used these must be jaded to read it again....loved the ending, a nice twist to the tale...

Viki said...

What a sweet, wonderful wedding story at Christmastime. Loved it.

Anna said...

Thank you for your kind words about my SC-text. It is such a dry story compared to yours.

You have written a sweet, magical tale that balances somewhere between real life and dreams. It captures the spirit of children's Christmas! I just love it!

This Christmas has been such a mixed bag for me. I could write a story about it, but I don't know where to begin. It would be about wishing I could borrow a Santa Claus for my children. (The Swedish tradition is that Father Christmas comes with Christmas presents in the evening of Christmas Eve.) But what I get is my soon-to-be former husband dressing up half-heartedly as Santa Claus in my old red raincoat. Our six year old daughter recognises immediately his shoes, and the magic is broken, perhaps forever.
But later, little Elisabet, tells me in confidence: "The real Father Christmas didn't come to us because we haven't been nice enough.." To which I explain that she and her brother are not the ones who have not been nice enough. It's Mommy and Daddy who have scared him away.
In spite of everything, she still believes.

Best wishes,

For the benefit of other readers:
Anna's SC#33

Jenny said...

Magic, imagination, great dialogue and incredible imagery.

A veritable feast at your 100 word banquet of a very, very difficult prompt.

I'm impressed.

Hope there's a part two. I'd like to know what happens next with this one.

Tina said...

Very, very clever. Great job!