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Thursday, June 24, 2010

What If?

W is for........

W is for :What If?”

*What if I had been born on another continent?

*What if I were of another race?

*What if I didn’t write?

*What if I didn’t have any friends?

*What if my parents were still alive?

*What if I had cats instead of dogs?

*What if I were 5’10 instead of 5’3?

*What if I had never met Clint?

*What if my son didn’t have schizoaffective disorder?

*What if, suddenly, a world wide peace broke out?

*What if I had been named for someone other than
my father?

*What if there were not hunger on this planet?

*What if I could paint?

*What if I had become a teacher instead of a nurse?

*What if everyone lived by The Golden Rule?

*What if there were no pancakes?

*What if I lived in New York instead of Georgia?

*What if every TV set in the world failed to operate
for just 24 hours?

*What if the iPod had never been invented?

*What if there were no blogs?

*What if we took all the gadgets away from our 
children for a week?

*What if George Washington had never been born.

*What if Proust had not written A La Recherce du 
Temps Perdu?

*What if I weren’t reading it?

*What if dinosaurs were still alive?

*What if all the water drained out of all oceans?

*What if I we lived on a different planet?

* What if if I blogged on a PC instead of a Mac?

* What if there were no flowers?

*What if there were flowers in everyone’s abode?

*What is nobody thought up the idea for NASA?

*What if all politicians were honest and good?

*What if there were no California?

*What if there were no cigarettes?

*What if we could find a cure for cancer?

*What if I had cancer?

*What if I broke my leg?

*What if I didn’t volunteer at the free clinic?

*What if the sky were green?

*What if Clint and I had made a baby?

*What if nobody thought up the vibrator?

*What if I could play the cello?

*What if a whale walrus lived in your back yard?

*What if your back yard were the Pacific Ocean?

* What if every family on my street spoke a different

*What if Jenny had not invented Alphabe-Thursday?

*What if your started your own list of “what ifs?”

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