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Sunday, June 5, 2011


I know it's Sunday, and "Six Words Fridays" was two days ago. Yet here I am, once again late to the party. Each week Melissa gives her participants a prompt around which to use six words, six-lined poems, poems with six words per line, or in my case, a poem with six syllables per line. Whew! To read all the posts and maybe add one of your own, visit Melissa by clicking on the "Six Words Fridays" button on my sidebar. You will find some very good work there!

This week's prompt was one word - joy - and here is my offering. I will publish it here and on "My Poems." Please visit there me if you are so inclined!

Joy comes in sparkling gems

of sunlight, twinkles of

stars in your hazel eyes.

Shimmering refections

from ocean water at

whose feet we linger late

give glow to your visage

radiate to my own.

You flash a smile, fold my

hand into yours as the

sun sinks into the sea.

© cj Schlottman