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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Small Stories -Edited for Clarity

Most of you know the rules to for Saturday Centus, but in case you don't, click on the button on my sidebar to learn about it and read the creative entries.  There you will also find links to Jenny's other blogs.  Here is my contribution for this week:

“Surprise. I’m pregnant!”
These words rang out as my daughter Mallory popped in my kitchen door.  
My heart caught in my throat.  Pregnant?  She knew she was not supposed to get pregnant, so if this were a joke, it was a poorly thought-out one.
“But, Sweetie......”
“No buts!  I have a baby growing inside me, so don’t ruin it for me.”
“I said no buts!  All I’ve ever known for sure is that I want to be a mother.  Now I’m gonna be one.”
“Well, I'm pregnant, too.  Who’s going to take you to chemo while I’m home with morning sickness?”

© Claudia Schlottman
August 28,2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Not Always Easy

It’s Six Word Fridays time again, and Melissa’s prompt is “easy.”  To learn all about this meme and read the other entries, click on the Six Word Fridays button on my sidebar.  
I’m Writing Under the Influence of Lortab, so forgive me if my words are a little slurred.  To learn about why I’m saying “Yes” to drugs, please visit The Red Sweater.  The last two posts tell the sad tale.
Now, here’s my offering for today.

not always easy
sometimes a piece of work
drips off the ends of my
fingers   slides across my
keyboard & writes itself
at others   words wedged in
creases of my right brain 
   await excavation   
   conveyance to the page
words   my dearest lovers
   my worst of enemies
serve me at their pleasure
& make of me their slave

© cj Schlottman

Saturday, August 20, 2011

If I Die Young

Yea!  Jenny gave us back the words she has been so stingy with of late.  Her Chakras must be balanced.  For whatever reason, I am glad she has regained her generous ways.  To see all the entries to this superb meme, just click on the button on my side bar.  There you will also find Jenny Matlock’s blog buttons.  Click on them.  You won’t be disappointed!  Here is my offering for today:

if i die young it will be 
at 95 / surrounded
by friends and family
as we take afternoon tea
there will be champagne on ice
lovely luscious lemon squares
salty / spicy-hot cheese straws / 
slices of soft sweet pound cake
i will hold court from my bed /
swathed with sheer silk canopies /
as yards of laughter cut from 
the bolt of my life fade to 
endless stories born of our
intertwined lives / braided of
love / woven into fine cloth 
i will smile / sip tea / wait to
take sweet kisses for each of you /
hold your warm hands in mine /  
cool now as i feel myself
shrink / grow smaller an smaller
sunshine will shimmer through thin
curtains as it begins its
descent / bathing our faces
in soft light of my dying
i will love your forever

© cj Schlottman
August 20,2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trial and Error @ Small Stories and Stuff

A day late for Six Word Fridays, but that's not too bad for me.  This week, Melissa chose "trial and error" for our prompt.  To find out all about this great meme, click on the Six Word Fridays on my side bars.  You will also find the other entries there.

My contribution is short and to the goes...

After trials and errors I know
six syllables is my favorite meter.

©cj Schlottman
August 13, 2011

Meat Locker @ Small Stories and Stuff

August 13, 2011
Jenny must still be cranky.  She’s done it again - limited us to only 50 words plus the three in the prompt.  All of the other rules apply, and you can find them by clicking on the Saturday Centus button on my sidebar.  There, you will also fine the other entries.  They are well worth the time to read.  Look around at Jenny’s other blogs, too.  There’ some good stuff there.
So, Laugh out Loud is our prompt today.  This one is going to be a challange for me because I haven’t laughed, out loud or otherwise, for several days.  Maybe this will pull me out of my funk, though I really think I need more than 50 words to do it.  (Thanks, Jenny).

Here goes....

I want to laugh out loud
but I am working Saturday
stuck with Snarky Sheila
and Dastardly Dave.
Weekends are their empire
or so they think.
The atmosphere in here?
Well, you could hang meat.
Patient load is light but
mine is not.
Why's it so hard for them 
to be polite?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shattered Heart @ Small Stories and Stuff

This is my link to Saturday Centus, brain child of Jenny Matlock.  We usually have 100 words and to use with a prompt she gives us.  But this week, just because the weather is so hot, she has decided to allow us only 50 words.  (Thanks,Jenny).  To learn more about this great meme, just click on the button on my sidebar.  You will find some fine writing as well as links to Jenny's blogs.

Most people think "You are my Sunshine" is a happy love song, when, in truth, it is a sad love song.  Click on the video below and listen to the whole song as sung by the Soggy Bottom Boys!  Please hit the stop button when the music stops, or it will roll over to Johnny Cash and not restart The Soggy Bottom Boys. (I don't know why).

Shattered Heart

Heart shattered by your leaving
   I love you still.
Sunshine faded into night
   your face I see
through gloomy silent tears
   a moonlight mirage
aglow in the darkness.
Gone to another   you
stick to my heart
   a prickly reminder
of my loss   a sand spur
as sharp as any knife.

© cj Schlottman

PS - Jenny, I read every post from last week, and I commented on all except one.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Your Eyes

It's Six Word Friday, and I am posting on time for a change.  Please click on the button on my sidebar to find out how it works and read the other posts - maybe publish one of your own.

Your Eyes

You speak words dripping
with honey   but you lie.
Your eyes   merely mirrors
   deflect the questions in
my own   reveal nothing
of what is in your heart.