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Friday, November 7, 2014

Y is for YAWL

Y is for yawl. It's a contraction for you-all. You may have seen this word spelled ya’ll, but that is incorrect. Here in The Deep South, if you don’t sound the “w,” we’ll know you’re not from around here. It is a plural pronoun. Never under any circumstances should you refer to just one person as “yawl.”

Here are a few examples of correct usage:

“How yawl?”
“What yawl doin’?”
“Yawl been to the new picture show?”
“Why don’t yawl come over to the house for supper?”
“Yawl won’t believe this!”
“Hey, yawl!”
“Where yawl been?”

I want yawl to know that life is good here on Saint Simons Island. It’s sweater weather, perfect for riding bikes and walking on the beach where the migratory shore birds are on the move or for sitting on a bench overlooking the sound and watching the sunshine glimmer on the water. Last night’s full moon pushed the tide up into the rivers and marshes so high, you’d have thought we’d had a flood. I wish yawl could’ve seen it. The last of the warm weather crowds are gone, and the weekenders are a calmer sort. Yawl would love the slow pace and the beautiful tunnels our ancient live oaks form over many of our streets and roads. As winter approaches, the shadows they form take on an almost purple hue. I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be. Yawl would love it.    

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