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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Listening at Small Stories and Stuff


Listen. Now there’s a great prompt for Melissa’s “Six Word Friday’s” blog hop! I’ve been absent but with a good excuse - work with overtime. Things are settling down now, so I am back to try to catch up. I am so sorry to not have been able to read and comment on the wonderful posts that this exercise generates. I have some days off, just maybe I can once more become an interactive member of this group.

So, what is it that I
listen for on these first few
days of fall? The rustle of
leaves, the last chatter of my
summer Hummers as they, busy bulking
up for their winter migration, continue
to empty the feeder almost daily.
The anxious animated sounds of the
paws of my dogs as they
scramble into the morning cool, rushing
to pee so they can come
inside and crunch a treat then
hop again into my soft bed
for an extra hour or two
of sleep in the dreamy coolness
under our fan on these rare
mornings when work does not call.
Honey. Belle. Me. Happy. It’s good.