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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shattered Heart @ Small Stories and Stuff

This is my link to Saturday Centus, brain child of Jenny Matlock.  We usually have 100 words and to use with a prompt she gives us.  But this week, just because the weather is so hot, she has decided to allow us only 50 words.  (Thanks,Jenny).  To learn more about this great meme, just click on the button on my sidebar.  You will find some fine writing as well as links to Jenny's blogs.

Most people think "You are my Sunshine" is a happy love song, when, in truth, it is a sad love song.  Click on the video below and listen to the whole song as sung by the Soggy Bottom Boys!  Please hit the stop button when the music stops, or it will roll over to Johnny Cash and not restart The Soggy Bottom Boys. (I don't know why).

Shattered Heart

Heart shattered by your leaving
   I love you still.
Sunshine faded into night
   your face I see
through gloomy silent tears
   a moonlight mirage
aglow in the darkness.
Gone to another   you
stick to my heart
   a prickly reminder
of my loss   a sand spur
as sharp as any knife.

© cj Schlottman

PS - Jenny, I read every post from last week, and I commented on all except one.