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Monday, October 24, 2011

I Never Did Learn

Trouble in Blogger-Land again.  When I click on any Saturday Centus button, it will only make me to last week's meme.  I finally backed into this week's through another blog, so I'm posting last week's little story here.  Hope you enjoy it.

Jenny's prompt for Saturday Centus last week is this a photo.  

I know it's Monday morning, but I worked all weekend.  That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.  Most of you know how Saturday Centus works, but in case you are new, click on the Saturday Centus button on my sidebar to learn all about it.  There you will find the other entries and links to Jenny's other blogs.  Here is my offering, which happens to be a true story:

The contrast of green leaves hanging over the porch and gray unpainted wood was startling.  Grass smelled sweet, was soft under my bare feet as I approached the rickety porch.  I stepped onto the groaning platform, the vision of my grandmother’s washing machine emerging.  
I could see myself, at five, fishing a sock from the water and feeding it into the wringer, my arm following up to my arm pit as my feet left the floor.  
Screams brought Lizzie lumbering from the clothesline, and she unhinged the ringer, freeing my bruised but unbroken arm.
“Child, you’ll never learn, will you?”