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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cooling Off @ Small Stories and Stuff

It’s Sunday, so yesterday must have been Saturday Centus, the day our esteemed leader, Jenny Matlock of “... off on my tangent...” assigned us Centusians a prompt from which to construct a 100 (or less) word story. No photos are allowed and the posts must be PG. (This one is PG-13). This week, she threw us a crumb, as it were, and assigned us an innocuous prompt: “The curtain parted.” I just know there will be many different takes on this prompt, so here’s my contribution, so I can get to reading the others. You will find them and all the rules by clicking on my Saturday Centus button on my sidebar.

Cooling Off

Each on opposite sides of the bed, they jockeyed for the upper hand.

As usual, the argument started over nothing - he forgot to take out the trash. Then it morphed into that nonsensical place where all past sins are reviewed. She began chanting a litany of his recent misdeeds.

As for him, he held back nothing, ticking off her faults on his fingers.

She turned her back, undressed, started a cold shower, stepped in, sharp cold needles of water stinging her face.

The curtain parted, and with a sheepish grin, he asked, “Why don’t we cool off together?”

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