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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Departure

It’s Saturday already, and that means “Saturday Centus” over at Jenny Matlock’s “ on my tangent...”  This week we have the usual 100 words with which to write a piece based on the prompt “within the stone,” suggested by my good friend Jeff Campbell, whose blog, “Tennessee Mudbug,” is a favorite of mine.

Here’s my contribution.  

The Departure

within the stone cold heart 
of an old man lives  
leavings of love lost   years
of bitterness   faint 
memories of frozen
scorching   blinding anguish
he stands   stares   afflicted
with gloom   melancholy
plagued   undone   wreaking
revulsion of his wrongs
he raises the knife
to his chest   falls on it
black blood oozes through his
shirt   spills onto the floor
leaves a pool of rancor
across the squeaky clean
floor of the nursing home

(I must be channeling Edgar Allan Poe.  That's my only excuse, cj).