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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Somewhere Under the Rainbow

Here we are with another prompt from Saturday Centus: "Somewhere over the rainbow..." Don't know about "Saturday Centus"? To find out more, please click on the "Saturday Centus" on my sideboard. You'll want to check out "Alphabe-Thursday," another of Jenny Matlock's ingenious memes.

This prompt is a challenge because it evokes so many memories in me. It's difficult be creative when awash with sweet memories. So, here is my little story, not a made up one, a real one. You will see the prompt in bold type. (I promise to do better next week)!


Afternoons on Martinique, rainbows appear, crystalline arches fill sun streaked skies,
colors splash across a blue canvas, glowing and fading each in turn, neon fire flies as dusk descends.

They sit on the balcony of their hotel, condensation droplets lace their martini glasses, and they revel in the quiet. The sun retreats and there are only dark blue skies twinkling with a web of tiny stars.

In his half-step flat tone, he hums “Somewhere over the rainbow...” Their fingers entwine, and she hums along. They move inside, still humming, knowing that what’s under the rainbow that really matters.