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Monday, March 7, 2011

More Than Money

This week’s prompt for Saturday Centus is: “everything depended upon this single card.....” For the uninitiated, Saturday Centus is a writing meme hosted by Jenny Matlock who is the author of the awesome blog, on my tangent. You can find all the rules and some pretty good little stories by clicking on the Saturday Centus button on my sidebar. And don’t forget to visit Jenny’s blog.

Here is my contribution for this week. The prompt is in italics.

At the bridge table, four players were concentrating on the game. My husband and I had bid a grand slam in notrump, and I was playing the hand.

When dummy went down, I took as much time as I needed before addressing the lead. I counted the sure winners and could only come up with twelve.

I looked in my hand again. There was small club I needed to throw off on something from dummy.

With $1,000 riding on this hand, everything depended upon this single card.......the rent, groceries and day care. I went down one.

That night's beating was the worst ever.

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