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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Thanks to Jennee, I have found yet another blog hop, and this one is really cool. Click on her Cheap Therapy Button in my sidebar and pop over to participate! She has given us three thought provoking questions that reveal some things about ourselves.

I’m cj Schlottman. I’m 62 but don’t look it, and I live in Macon Georgia, in the heat belt of the Deep South with my two dogs, Honey, a Lhasa Apso and Belle, a Boxer. I also have a betta fish whose name is Mr. Palmer. I have one grown son who has schizoaffective disorder and lives in a personal care home. My only grandchild is Addie Duck, and she lives in Savannah. She is above average.

Three simple questions? We’ll see.

I’ll take them ad seriatum,

What have people always thought that you would be doing with your life?

I don’t recall ever being pushed in one direction or another by my mother. I think she expected me to educate myself in the field of my choice, and she never doubted that I could do just that. My family and friends, I think, expected me to succeed at whatever I chose to do with my life.

I am a nurse, have been in 1969, and I’m a good one. I’m just making a transition back into the field after the death my husband, Clint, last year. I will be working with Hospice. He was a physician and retired early so we could travel. Thank God for those years. The memories sustain me now.

And I’m a writer both of prose and poetry. I have no desire to be published. It is my “Cheap Therapy,” though I take it quite seriously and work continuously at my craft. I have been a member of an ongoing writer’s workshop for women since 1996. It’s called Zona Rosa and we meet once a month at the home of our mentor, Rosemary Daniell, in Savannah, Georgia, which is 160 miles down the road. If you don’t know about her, she was at the forefront of the feminist movement in the early 1980’s and scandalized the entire South with her memoir, Fatal Flowers. In an effort to improve my writing, I am reading Proust (I’m on the seventh and final novel, The Past Regained) and Nin and Flaubert. I’m working my way to D. H. Lawrence and Dylan Thomas.

Are they surprised by the path you’ve chosen?

No. I have never doubted myself, so others believe in me, too.

Are you surprised at your own path?

I became a nurse out of necessity, as it was the only profession I could predisoe in our little town except teaching. I ended up loving it!

As for writing, I have been writing all my life, so it does not surprise me that I have taken it up seriously.

Maybe this gives a little insight into who I am!

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