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Friday, May 13, 2011


This poem was writen by my grandaughter, Addie Duck. She is 16 years old and this is her first serious attempt at writing poetry. I think it is wonderful, naturally, but she and I would both appreciate any comments you have. She used the Saturday Centus prompt, “I’d like to teach the world to sing.........” And she stuck to the 100 words rule!

Ocean waves crashing
Autumn leaves crunching
Fierce winds blowing
Tall grass swaying
I wish I could teach the world to sing
Rain drops splashing
Weeping Willows hunching
Entangling vines sewing
Bright moons waning
I wish I could teach the world to sing
Nature’s orchestra without a director
Each contributing different tones
Lyric-less music effortlessly fills the air
Randomly concocted art
I wish I could teach the world to sing
In unison, in sync, together
Conducive to the masterpiece
No longer separated
Simultaneously beautiful
I wish someone could teach the world to sing