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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'll Have a Blue Easter

I have nothing to add to the comments my fellow Centusians have posted about this week’s prompt. I wish I could say Jenny had laid an egg with this one, but it actually isn’t all that bad. The posts have been hilarious.

Now, my attempt to measure up................

Roses are red, bunnies blue.
This photo a prompt? What shall I do?
His hirsute chest and Playboy pendant
Make him appear somewhat resplendent.
Don’t be fooled by appearances, dear.
This bunny ain’t real, that much is clear.
A figment of Jenny’s sick fancy, he.
Harvey’s long lost brother? Maybe, we’ll see.
His ‘tude is haughty, his neckwear is bawdy.
If you ask me, he’s totally naughty.
No eggs, no basket, not a lily in sight.
I see him when I try to sleep at night.
Scary, hairy, a strange color blue.
I’m out of words. Happy Easter to you!

© cj Schlottman