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Friday, July 9, 2010

Feeling Afraid

Hey, it’s already Six Word Friday, Melissa’s great meme. Today’s word is “feeling,” and as usual I have chosen to write a poem with six words per line. I am currently on an airplane to Miami to visit my son, who has been sick. Yesterday was his 41st birthday.

He has special needs and has had quite a hard time for the last two weeks. I am linking this post back to The Red Sweater so you can read about the Trials of Parrish. Just click on the title of this post!

Meanwhile, here’s my poem for this week.

Feeling Afraid

I could go on forever feeling
these feelings of butterflies in my
throat as the plane descends into
Miami. Sometimes I think the butterflies
live in my throat, have taken
up permanent residence there to stop
me from forgetting to be afraid.

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