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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Pitiful Poem @ Small Stories and Stuff

Each week, Jenny Matlock of “... off on my tangent...” assigns us Centusians a prompt from which to construct a 100 (or less) word story. No photos are allowed and the posts must be PG. This week, she mixed it all up my assigning a poem that rhymes! I don’t write poems that rhyme, so this will be a challenge for me. If you’re new to Saturday Centus, you will find all the rules as well as the posts by clicking on the Saturday Centus button on my sideboard.

This week's prompt? “I’m not a chicken...” Following is my pitiful attempt to make a poem out of it.

I’m not a chicken, my dear.
Try to scare me if you dare.
Chase and me I’ll disappear,
maybe ride off on a mare
or make a famous career
searching for treasure so rare.
I’d make a great pioneer
not stop to give a small care
if you’re bringing up the rear.
Jenny, I’m losing my hair!

(I'm totally embarrassed, but since I'm not a chicken, I'm posting anyway).