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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Late again for Six Word Fridays! Fridays at work are hard, so I rely on Melissa’s patience to allow me to squeeze my entry in on Saturday. She runs this very cool blog hop in which she gives us a word or prompt. We can use six words to say it all, but I am rarely capable of that, so here is a little poem of six word lines. You will find Six Word Fridays on my sideboard, so click on over the join us. It’s a great writing exercise and a wonderful opportunity to network.


Waiting is hard, no one wants
to wait in a queue for
a cab or a ride at
the amusement park when it’s hot.
Waiting for payday is never easy.
Unless, of course you don’t need
the money. Hah! We all need
to pay the bills and feed
the dogs and ourselves and sometimes
have friends for dinner and use
the fancy French coffee maker from
Lyons that entertains the guests as
you finish up with the preparations.
Waiting sucks. Who wants to wait
for a plane that is late
or a bus that cannot be
seen, so far down the street
it is? I wait impatiently every
month for the first Saturday so
I can attend my writer’s workship,
see my precious granddaughter at the
same time. I am not patient.
Well maybe I am patient - occasionally
but not often enough to say
it’s a habit, a good habit.