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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

48 Hours Missing

Nearly a week late for Six Word Fridays, here I am at last. Melissa at “Making Things Up” has already posted the word for this week! Last week her prompt was the word “again.” To participate and read the posts, just click on the Six Word Fridays button on my sidebar I have read several of the posts and must say I a little intimidated by the works of the others.

Undaunted, I plunge ahead with my contribution. I will be writing a poem with six syllables per line.

Again, fear and dread come
to throttle me out of
the peace I have found for
just one moment in time.
Again, paralyzed with
fear, I shriek the silent
scream of my much wounded
heart, heavy with the sting
of not knowing, spilling
tears and fears through my core.
Missing, he, my only
son, poisoned by illness
and drugs to keep him sane.
My mind, a toxic land-
fill of past loss, can but
imagine him alone
in danger of himself
at the mercy of those
who would suck the very
marrow from him and leave
him a pathetic pile
of wounds and confusion.
After forty eight hours
again, there is word of
his appearance miles from
home, in hospital. I
remember to breathe and
wonder when this season
of fear will reappear.

© cj Schlottman