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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Encounter at The Ritz


It’s Sunday night, and I am just getting around to Jenny Matlock's fabulous meme, Saturday Centus. Each week she gives us a prompt with which we are expected to write a 100 word story, using it as a guide or as part of the text. This week, we have 100 extra words, because she has thrown us something of a knuckle ball by asking us to write in the style of an Harlequin Romance Novel. Hell, I’ve had so much going on, I may not finish it tonight, but I’ll give it a go. I never, ever gave a second thought to writing romance. This ain’t gonna be easy. I’m sure I’ll need the extra 100 words. So, here’s this week’s prompt and my take on it. The prompt will appear in italics.

When I turned around I was startled to meet a green eyed gaze..."

I felt the unmistakable heat of a man, and when I turned around I was startled to meet a green eyed gaze. They were emerald pools in a chiseled face, half obscured by a lock of black hair. He tossed back his head, reached around me to lean on the bar. My breath caught in my throat, and I could feel his eyes scan from my face down to my breasts, glowing now with desire for this stranger. He tilted one side of his full mouth into a sexy smile and took my arm, then slid his muscled arm around my waist, pulling me toward the door.

My heart pounded as he touched the elevator button and we walked inside. Alone in the car, he turned to me, and pinned me against the wall, breathing warmly on my throat before touching the stop button on the car panel.

His strong hands caressed my waist, moving down to briefly brush my buttocks, then sliding up my back to my shoulders and down to the tops of my breasts. Defenseless against his charms, I shimmied the straps off my shoulders, raised my arms and took his face in my hands, kissing him deeply, allowing his tongue to explore my mouth. He restarted the car, it slid open, and he swept me into his suite.

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