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Sunday, September 25, 2011

cj Gets it Right @ Small Stories and Such

“cj, what were you thinking?  It’s not like you to ignore the rules.  I am very disappointed in you.  I clearly stated that the exercise would be in dialogue, and you wrote a fanciful poem instead.  You will have to write, ‘I will always read the rules carefully’ 100 times on the blackboard.”  

“Please, Mrs. Jenny, may I do it another time?  I have softball practice, and Coach will have my hide if I miss it.”  

“Young lady, you are responsible for your own actions and the consequences thereof.  You may be accountable to Coach, but right now, I own you.  Start writing.”   


“Jenny, you’ve had one drink already.  Are you seriously ordering another Martini?”  

“I’m seriously ordering another Martini.  You don’t know what a challenge and a pain in my backside that Schlottman girl can be.   

© cjschlottman 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Centus has come around once more, and Jenny has given us 156 words to come up with a piece based on the prompt, “Are you seriously ordering another martini?”  Other than the extended word count, the rules are as usual.  Don’t know the rules?  Just click on the Saturday Centus button on my sidebar to learn all about this crafty meme and read all the entries.  You’ll find links to Jenny Matlock’s other blogs as well.  If you’ve never played with us on Saturday, please come join us!
My offering for today.

i seriously am
martinis are my drug of choice  
i like mine made with ketel one 
frosty cold and straight up   garnished 
with two olives   not fancy ones
   green ones with pimiento inside
the masterpiece arrives in a 
little silver shaker on a 
black enamel tray   the waiter
shakes it and in a display that 
leaves me breathless   pours the elixir 
into my glass   crystal   of course
when the icy rim touches my
lips   i close my eyes and exhale
a sigh as big as montana
i caress the rim of the glass
with my finger   stir the contents
with the olives held captive on
see-through plastic mini-swords 
i prefer my martini served
on a charger   no square paper 
napkin for my regal cocktail
and no one ever has to ask 
“are you seriously ordering
another martini?”
i seriously am
© cjschlottman 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

In The Ditch

My good friend Jenny Matlock has done done it now!  The thought of writing lyrics gives me heartburn.  Nonetheless, I have tried my best at this lyrical prompt, a verse to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."  The prompt is "In the Autumn."   

To find all about Jenny's creative meme, click on the Saturday Centus button on my side bar.  Once there, you can read this week's entries and follow Jenny's other blogs!

Here is my lame attempt at this week's challenge, and I do mean challenge.

In The Ditch

At this prompt I so do suck 
makes me want to run amuck. 
Jenny’s Tangent’s in the ditch 
‘cause I cannot scratch this itch. 
In the autumn air I find 
nothing that will come to mind.   

© cj Schlottman 2011

Over A Cliff

Here is my offering for Melissa's Six Word Fridays.  I'm a day late, but it seems I often am.  To learn more about this creative meme, please click on the Six Word Fridays link on my sidebar.  There you can learn all the rules and read the entries - and yes, post a piece of your own!  Today's prompt is "connect," and here is what I did with it - a poem of six syllable lines.

Over A Cliff

I am unable to 
connect the dots that form
a whole picture of
this mess that is my son.
Stories conflict   plans are 
made   then unmade   maybe
never made at all   just
fabricated in his
quest to manipulate
my world   insinuate
himself back into a
position of power
from which his illness will
infect me   bring me once
more into the cyclone 
of co-dependant craziness
he so craves and that would
drive my life like a run-
away bus straight over
the edge of a steep cliff.

Sunday, September 11, 2011



He wears a smile wide as the sky, eyes gleaming in the last of summer’s warmth.  He stands on first one foot then the other, a look of pleading at the surface of his tanned and rosy cheeks.  “Mother, May I take the ragtop for one last spin before you garage her for the winter?”  
An approving nod sends him grabbing keys, darting out the door, making a bee line for Julie’s house.  (Mother didn’t ask).
She opens the door, smiles. He takes her in hims arms, kicks the door closed as she whispers, “They won’t be home until late tonight.”
© cj Schlottman
September 11, 2011

Linked to Saturday Centus

Friday, September 9, 2011

Your Crooked Smile

There are times when I am 
moved to tears / cannot hold back
the sadness or joy that
catches in my throat /steals
my breath / chokes the words I
intend to say out loud.
The sound of your Texan’s
brogue / your bourbon laced breath
move me to open my 
heart / spill it over you
in kisses / caresses
I save for you alone.
Memories of loss move
me to the edge of
sanity   only to 
loosen their grip when you 
appear in dreams / wake
me with your crooked smile.
© cj Schlottman
September 09, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Exchange @ Small Stories and Stuff

Each week, Melissa at Making Things Up hosts a meme called Six Word Fridays.  She provides a prompt from which we are to create a six word sentence or a six line poem or a poem with six syllables per line, all relevant to the prompt.  You get the idea.  There are many possibilities.  To get all the rules and read the entries, click on the Six Word Fridays button on my side bar.


my sister and I exchanged identities
she went to the stock exchange
i became an exchange student
then we decided to exchange places
we exchanged books & cookie recipes
waiting on line to exchange currency
we exchanged looks as we witnessed
a prisoner exchange at the airport
disguised as a diplomatic exchange &
we had an exchange of ideas
deciding to exchange directions & start
a recipe exchange &  drop in
at the mercantile exchange on our
way home to exchange ourselves back
© cj Schlottman
August, 2011