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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Early November - 11/17/10

Well, here I am again, entering my Saturday Centus on Wednesday. On call all weekend, then two drives to Atlanta for concerts. Enough excuses. As most of you know, Saturday Centus is one Jenny Matlock’s many ingenious writing exercises. If you aren’t familiar with it, please click on her Saturday Centus link above and learn how to become a participant. You will find a community of great - if somewhat disturbed - (and you know who you are [Tom] ) writers. Please read and comment on all the posts. You will find some fine writing and want to join in yourself! And be sure to check out Jenny's Blog, off on my tangent....

This week’s prompt from Jenny is:
"The early November sunshine cast golden rays..."
Here is my conribution. The prompt is in italics.

Early November at Small Stories and Stuff

The early November

sunshine cast golden rays

on the creek, shone amber,

glinted on the marsh grass.

Tide running low, dolphins

rolled their way back to sea

in the afternoon glow.

Great Blue Herons took flight

soaring to their roosting

trees across the expanse

of waving fingers of gold.

In flocks, Egrets joined in

winging their way home.

The sun shone its last sparks

of light, dropped beneath

the horizon, seeking

its own resting place.

© cj Schlottman